We are happy to see You, we will soon land on Earth, to colorize your world. Keep looking out for us and we will surprise you! with COMMUNITY FOUNDATION ENTERTAINMENT LIVE-EVENT GREENPLANET HEALTHY-PRODUCTS

Meet us during this event. If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience for children & Youths – you are very welcome to join us.


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About Us

Vision & Goal

FunBridge is a community that are created and owned by youth and have its main purpose is to give its users a direct link to the event and corporate world through their computers and smartphones.
Our Vision is to take the Community phenomenon to a new level where the user can get professional start-up guidance and assistance in finding jobs. Members should be able to seek investors for their own projects and create new revenue opportunities.
Our Purpose is to get young people to feel safe and confident in their everyday lives by helping them to find employment that will satisfy their interests and needs.

The Team

Our team consists mostly of young people who are passionate about helping other children & youths. Sometimes we all need a hand.

Our Products

We will develop our own brand in health, - and environmentally friendly products. Our members can choose to be a part of the development.

Our Goal

To be a significant player in and for the positive development of society & also to become one of the largest global marketplaces on the internet.

Our Foundation

Foundation whose main task is to along human rights find the best solutions to improve people's lives. The focus is mostly on children and adolescents.

Contact Us

Do You Have a Question ?

Wants to be involved with us? Let's take the first steps to get to know each other and have a chat to exchanges our thoughts. If you love to be a parental figure for our children & Youths around the world, we welcome you into the family with open arms.

+46 40-693 60 88
Zenithgatan 42D, 212 14 Malmö, Sweden

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Our Structure

The power of three areas

To be able to make and create what we want, we will need three strong pillars, these in turn create more pillars that make the whole organization stable...
Now you´re asking... What distinguishes us from other communities?
Well, contact us and we´ll tell you the secret...

Care Foundation

We Feel, We Care, We Share!
our main task is to along human rights find the best solutions to improve people's lives. The focus is mostly on children and adolescents.

iNet Community

iNet will be the world's most advanced community platform and will be based on four major industries...
We will have a standard and advanced community platform, you can see and feel the diffrent.

Bridge Center

The department where we create a marketing portal for both job seekers, corporate advertising and online courses. We create young entrepreneurs...